I love my family.
I love vintage things that make you wonder about little moments that happened once upon a time.
I love daydreaming.
I love thinking about how many lives are being touched in some fantastic way, like- while you eat your cereal.
I love a heaping bowl of my favorite cereal.
I love laughing until it hurts.
I love warm tea on a rainy day.
I love the smell of clean laundry.
I love hearing about people's dreams when theyre especially enthusiastic.
I love hugs that make you feel safe.
I love climbing into bed and stretching your toes.
I love white socks.
I love getting to see a good friend I haven't seen in a super long time and sharing a ton of stories.
I love re-living memories.
I love dark chocolate.
I love realizing that the way I feel about something is how Ive always felt and I just never realized it.
I love great big hugs from behind.
I love martial arts.
I love long drives.
I love camping, campfires, and camp memories.
I love cuddling for hours on end and feeling like life has been put on pause.
I love being amazed by genuinely good people.
Here are some more things I love!